How do I get started on Rivet?

Getting started on Rivet is quick and easy. First, create your account. Then set up your company and invite employees. Finally create your first project and invite relevant subcontractors, architects, vendors, or clients who need to stay in-the-know or from whom you need updates to the project.

I was told I can use Rivet without subs using the app. How does that work?

We know it can be hard to get people to use one app, which is why we created the ability for Rivet members to send SMS (text messages) from within a project. Any Rivet member can send a SMS to anyone in their contacts, that non-Rivet individual can then reply directly in that SMS message thread, and their response will be pulled into the project for you and your team to see, respond to, and later find when you need to settle any disagreements. Here's more on how it works.

How do I use the feature that lets me see who's onsite?

The who's onsite feature is an easy way to know who's at a job site to help answer a question, sign for a delivery, or simply put a homeowner at ease. In order to use the feature, people will need to have the app installed, be added to the relevant project, and have location settings enabled and set to 'Always Allow'. Here's a quick guide on how to set this up.

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